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The Christian DBA program consists of seven Core courses as well as a Motivation for Candidacy and a Thesis.

Doctor of Christian Business Administration

Code Name of Course Credits
DB 701 Understanding Mega Christian Organizations 3
DB 702 Discipleship in the Marketplace 3
DB 703 Business Ethics and Values in the Workplace 3
DB 704 Leadership with a Servant Heart 3
DB 705 Values and Moral Authority in Business 3
DB 706 Strategic Management 3
DB 707 Corporate Social Responsibility 3
DB 708 Motivation for Candidacy 2
DB 709 Thesis 13
Minimum 8 courses + 1 Dissertation 36 Credits


Purpose of the Christian DBA

With MBA qualifications becoming the acceptable norm in many organizations, the possession of a DBA is a useful means by which to differentiate oneself in the job market. Leading organizations would most likely be very interested in individuals with appropriate business experience, harnessed with a DBA.

The Doctor of Christian Business Administration Degree offers pastors, missionaries and other leaders an opportunity for professional and personal growth. It is a postgraduate qualification which exposes the post graduate student to advanced coursework and dissertation with the focus on large Christian corporate organizations and Mega churches.

This course is designed for Christian leaders and senior business people to expand their knowledge, good judgment, skills, attitude and experience and examine a large Christian organizational problem in depth.

The DBA student will be appointed a supervisor. The student is responsible for identifying the research topic and for designing the research methodology by which to undertake the research, in consultation with a supervisor. The DBA study requires that the student produces a written thesis of around 100,000 words. The thesis is then sent to external examiners. Upon successful completion of the thesis and passing the examination process, the student is then entitled to use the title “Dr.” before his or her name.

Upon the successful completion of the Doctor of Christian Business Administration Degree the students should be able to:

  • demonstrate a understanding of different funding models for non-profit and large Christian organizations
  • analyze and synthesize the theoretical and scientific based content of the broader managerial science
  • analyze and synthesize the current issues and projects faced by executive managers
  • demonstrate knowledge, comprehension, good judgment, skills and attitudes with regard to management challenges applicable to their areas of responsibility
  • demonstrate the importance of autonomous research results to both expert and non-expert audience
  • be prepared for advanced Christian leadership positions in large Christian organizations and Mega churches
  • demonstrate mastery of information by being able to define and illustrate the most essential definitions and theories in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing


Course Evaluation

Christian DBA students complete the course work in their own time using the open book approach in due consultation with the appointed supervisor as indicated. Every Christian DBA student is encouraged to develop valuable personal global networks with other DBA students to aid their learning process.

To evaluate if the specific learning objectives have been met, courses are assessed on the student’s ability to apply knowledge practically in their daily working lives and on individual course work.

A minimum pass rate of 60% per course applies.

Core and Compulsory Evaluation

Research Paper content 75%
Research Paper format & methodology 25%

*The Evaluation for the Technical Report (Thesis) differs from the above as indicated below.

Technical Report (Thesis) Evaluation

Research Paper content 60%
Research Paper format & methodology 25%
Bibliography Selected 15%


Academic Admission requirements

Students wanting to enter the Doctor of Christian Business Administration Degree program must have completed a Master’s Degree.


Christian DBA Admission Form

The Christian DBA online Admission form is available here.

Applicants are required to prepare the following documentation prior to completing the Christian DBA online admission form as it needs to be uploaded during the capturing of the form.

  1. A legible certified copy of Identity document or Passport.
  2. Legible certified copies of full Academic reports of post high school Learning activities and certificates from such Learning Institutions.
  3. Two contactable references (not family) that are able to comment on the applicant’s ability and motivation to undertake the coursework and research and who will be part of the candidate’s support and motivation network during the completion of the proposed DBA program.
  4. Two recent passport photos or two recent head and shoulder photos of the applicant.
  5. A short essay of approximately 750 words describing why you wish to pursue Christian DBA studies and your reasons for considering PHC online. Include your academic and professional milestones and details of business and management-related experience relevant to the proposed DBA study program and describe how they contributed to your development. Also describe your educational and professional goals and specific Christian DBA research interests as well as particulars of previous research activities and publications (if any).
  6. Proof of Payment of Admission Fee (US$50.00 or ZAR500).

The Christian DBA program is available in English only. It is therefore vitally important that the candidate has an above average comprehension of the English language and is able to demonstrate oral and written fluency.

The above admission requirements serve as guidelines only. Submitted proof of post high school learning activities in the form of legible certified copies of full academic reports and certificates will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee in conjunction with the applicant’s admission form to determine whether the admission requirements have been met. Decisions made by the Admissions Committee are final.

Note: Applicants will only be able to commence their Christian DBA studies provided all the Admission requirements have been met and provided in full.

Candidates interested in understanding the difference in approach and outcomes between a PhD and a DBA are encouraged to refer to the FAQ.


Program Fee

We are delighted to assist committed and qualified DBA candidates in obtaining not only the highly desirable status of “Dr.” but also in offering a world-class Christian DBA program at an affordable price.

The total fee is $3,600 (ZAR36,000).
BUT: We have a SPECIAL price if you want to enrol today!
A reduced fee of ONLY $2,500 (ZAR25,000)

Registration and Graduation fee = $100 (ZAR1000)
Monthly instalment over 24 months = $100 (ZAR1000) per month. Total $2400 (ZAR24,000)

Other countries fees and instalment options available on request.

All payments are non-refundable.

A student is required to book a personal interview with his/her promotor at the start of the course. This can be done face to face, via Skype or by phone.