Courses – Doctor of Ministry Degree

Code Name of Course Credits
DM701 Ministerial Ethics 3
DM702 Adult Faith Development 3
DM703 Leading Christian Organizations 3
DM704 Cultural Studies for Evangelism 3
DM705 Advanced Pastoral & Counseling Ministry 3
DM706 Revival History 3
DM707 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit 3
DM708 Motivation for Candidacy 2
DM709 Thesis 13
Minimum of 6 Courses + 1 Thesis 36 Credits

Students wanting to enter the Doctor of Ministry Degree program must have completed a Master’s Degree. The Doctor of Ministry Degree offers pastors, missionaries and leaders an opportunity for professional and personal growth.  The student will be equipped for a higher level of competent practice of ministry than that achieved in the foundation work.

The candidates are challenged to develop their ministerial skills to refine and articulate a Biblical theology of ministry while in a setting of ministry.  The degree is ideal for those who serve the Church in congregational/ pulpit ministries, Para church organizations, mission agencies, and any other vocational ministry setting where advanced leadership skills and training would make a difference.

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