Courses – Diploma in Ministry

Code Name of Course Credits
DC201 Learning to lead in Ministry 3
DC202 Book of Ephesians 3
DC203 Spiritual Health + Healing 3
DC204 Spiritual Gifts 3
DC205 Praise and Worship 3
DC206 Preparing for Ministry 3
DC207 Kingdom Principles 3
DC208 Anointed for Ministry 3
DC209 The 21st Century Church 3
DC210 Environmental Analysis 3
Minimum of 10 Courses 30 Credits

Diploma in Ministry provides the best ministry preparation and at the end of this program, students will be able to integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision making. The program prepares the student for further study into the various tracks of our Bachelor Degrees. The entrance requirement for the Diploma in Ministry is a Certificate in Ministry or 30 credit hours.

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