Courses – Bachelor Degree in Theology

Code Name of Course Credits
BG301 Biblical World View 4
BG302 The Tabernacle of Moses 4
BG303 The Armor Bearer 4
BG304 Protocols in Ministry 4
BG305 The Power of the Local Church 4
BG306 The Five-Fold Anointing 4
BG307 Know What You Believe 4
BG308 World Religions 4
BP404 The Prophetic Anointing 4
BA402 The Apostolic Anointing 4
BT401 Christology 4
BT402 Preparing for Tomorrow 4
BT403 Systematic Theology 4
BT404 Apologetics 4
BT405 Homiletics 4
Minimum of 15 Courses 60 Credits

Students wanting to enter the 60-credit Bachelor Degree in Theology program must have completed a Diploma in Ministry or an equivalent of 60 credit hours. The Bachelor Degree in Theology prepares students either for ordained ministry in a Christian church, Bible College or for a wider engagement in society.

Upon the successful completion of the Bachelor Degree in Theology program, the students should be able to:

  • explore the Bible in depth and to search for answers to some of the most pressing and confounding questions about man’s connection and relationship with God
  • understand the methods of Biblical, historical and systematic theology as a basis
  • search for a deeper understanding of the Christian religion and its interpretation of the universe
  • serve in ministry such as a local church or missions and develop abilities and virtues that will prepare them for their calling and career
  • provide an in-depth Biblical foundation to supply the values, knowledge and skills needed to effectively serve in church ministry
  • engage in the systematic study of the Scriptures and theology while being exposed to current theological issues that will enable independent Biblical and constructive thinking in vital areas of ministry
  • look closer at how Christianity engages culture and how to use the Christian faith to address our world’s toughest issues
  • explore Christian doctrine and how it developed
  • look at the texts, beliefs and histories of religious groups and interpret, understand and ask questions about them
  • formulate essential principles and ethics of Christianity

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